St Thomas USVI Excursions

St Thomas USVI Excursions St Thomas USVI Excursions

Whether you are searching through travel spots or your flights are booked and St. Thomas bound, choosing excursions is a big part of planning your vacation. From sailing and snorkel trips to island tours and nature encounters, your Saint Thomas excursions are sure to be the highlight of your trip to paradise! If you are coming to the island on a cruise, our Shore Excursions page is a great place to start browsing and booking your cruise ship friendly St. Thomas, Virgin Islands excursions. Travellers planning an extended visit to the island can visit our Saint Thomas Excursions page for all the best tours and activities the island has to offer for your trip. So just what kinds of things can you do in St. Thomas? Let me be your local guide to the many ways you can explore and indulge in paradise!

Boat Rentals- With so many reefs to snorkel, beaches to explore, and islands to hop to, it’s no wonder why boat rentals are among the top Saint Thomas excursions. If you have your passport ready, the British Virgin Islands are just next door, where you can experience the famous Baths at Virgin Gorda, party on the floating bar at sea at the Willy-T, or soak up the sun with a painkiller from Soggy Dollar Bar in Jost Van Dyke. No passports are required to explore USVI waters. Snorkel thriving coral reefs, visit deserted islands, and hit the famous beaches of St. John. The best part of a boat rental is that it’s private and fully customizable, so your expert captain will help you plan the perfect day at sea for you and your group!

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Day Sails- If a powerboat isn’t quite your speed, then grab a cocktail, relax on deck, and let the wind and water take your cares away on a day sail! Day sails are one of the top excursions in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands because they are perfect for all types of travellers. Thrill seekers will love snorkeling the coral reefs with sea turtles, stingrays, and tropical fish with the included gear. Parents will love the shaded awnings, snacks or lunch, and swim noodles included for a fun day at sea with the kids. Couples will love a romantic sunset sail or private day trip with a sailboat all to themselves. And who would not love a breezy sail on the crystal clear Caribbean Sea with island views and an open bar?

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Ecotours-  Are you looking to get off the beaten path and really explore the USVI? If so, ecotours are the perfect Saint Thomas excursions for you!Explore the St. Thomas mangrove lagoon where you will get up close these unique saltwater trees. Kayak through the lagoon to the nature preserve on the island of Cas Cay and discover its stunning red cliffs, unique wildlife, and awesome snorkeling spots among the rare coral on the mangrove roots. Take a kayak trip to a small island off the coast of St. Thomas to swim and snorkel with playful sea turtles and explore coral reefs. Ferry over to St. John to hike the National Park trails, encounter historic ruins, kayak crystal blue waters, and snorkel the famous protected reefs. Discover the unique natural wonders of the USVI above and below the sea on an ecotour!

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Island Tours- Get to know St. Thomas and discover that island way of life for yourself on an island tour! Take in the postcard perfect island views at all the best lookout points. Rack up on tax and duty free deals at the best shops in St. Thomas. Experience one of the top St. Thomas beach excursions with an afternoon of soaking up the sun and relaxing in the famous clear Caribbean waters at a beach of your choice. Discover the rich history of Downtown Charlotte Amalie and sample delicious local cuisine on a locally guided food tour. Take your ideal island tour and choose from top St. Thomas spots from sights, shops, beaches, and local food or try them all!

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Kayaking- Whether you’re an avid kayaker or just an explorer at heart, you will find your perfect kayak adventure in St. Thomas and St. John. Take it easy at the beach and paddle across a tranquil St. John bay with a watersports package. Kayak through the St. Thomas mangrove lagoon by day and hike the island of Cas Cay, or venture out after dark for a night kayak trip complete with spooky ghost stories and local legends. Explore small islands, snorkel with sea turtles, discover thriving coral reefs, or simply enjoy the scenery on the kayak excursion of your choice!

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Private Tours- Honeymooners, large families, bachelorette groups, whatever the reason, sometimes you just want an excursion all to yourself. No need to sift through tour descriptions or or email dozens of vendors. Private island tours, romantic sunset sails, decked out powerboat trips, and more- we’ve got that perfect private tour you are searching for right here!

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Scuba Diving- From advanced divers to curious first timers, there’s so much to see and love about diving in St. Thomas! Brand new divers can try diving for the first time in scenic clear Caribbean waters and earn credits toward certification with a Discover Dive. A Beach Dive is a great way to get up close with thriving coral reefs and unique sea life on a low key dive just off the shore. Encounter awesome underwater sites from swim throughs and lava tubes to stellar reefs and rare marine life on a 1 or 2-Tank Dive, and for the real adventurous divers, enter the dark waters to see corals and creatures come to life in a whole new way on a Night Dive.

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Shopping- You don’t have to be a shopaholic to fall head over heels with the mega deals you will score in St. Thomas! With tax and duty free shopping and awesome selection on everything from jewelry and watches to fine liquor and tobacco products, luxury brands and antiques to apparel and souvenirs, a shopping tour is the way to go to make sure you hit the best shops and the best prices on the island!

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Snorkeling- With crystal blue waters, rainbow colored coral reefs, and plenty of exotic sealife, it’s easy to see why snorkeling is one of the top Saint Thomas excursions. All you have to do is simply choose your ideal snorkel experience. How about a day of sailing with plenty of snorkeling stops?Take a kayak trip and swim with sea turtles or explore the mangrove lagoon for a one of a kind snorkeling encounter. Do some island hopping and visit remote cays and secluded reefs teeming with marine life. Head over to the island of St. John and snorkel the protected waters in the Virgin Islands National Park. There are so many ways to explore under the sea in St. Thomas!

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Group Friendly- When you’re travelling with a large group, it can be tough to sort through the many tours and activities to find ones that will both accommodate and delight your whole party. No need to worry! We’ve done all the work for you! Visit our Local's Guide to Top Things to Do for Large Groups for expert insight on the best ways to experience St. Thomas, USVI excursions with your large party. From kayak trips and boat rentals to watersports and private island tours, we have your perfect group friendly excursions that are sure to please right here!

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Parasailing- If thrills are your thing then parasailing is your excursion! Soar over the crystal clear Caribbean Sea, and see the islands from a bird’s-eye view as you experience the sensations of boating, parachuting, ballooning, and gliding all in one awesome adventure! With thrills this big, it’s no wonder why parasailing is one of the top Saint Thomas excursions!

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With amazing adventures above and below the sea, our exciting excursions are sure to provide memories you will cherish for a lifetime! Get ready to have the vacation of your dreams in St. Thomas!

Be sure to visit our Saint Thomas Excursions page for all the best excursions in St. Thomas, Virgin Islands! If you have any questions about St. Thomas, USVI excursions or any questions about the islands, call or e-mail us for local insight!

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